Top 4 Reasons Why Pests Invade Your Home

Having pests in your home is an open invitation to troubles. These pesky creatures can greatly ruin the health, hygiene, and comfort of a family. There are several reasons that compel pests to invade your property. Of all, a cluttered yard is the foremost area of concern which needs to be dealt with a prior response.

To prevent pest infestations, it’s important to make your home appear less appealing to insects and wildlife. A professional pest exterminator can assist in effective removal and prevention of pest population by eliminating the potential sources of pest attraction.

Some reasons why pests are attracted towards a property include:

  1. Moisture: Alike humans, all animals and insects need water intake for their survival. If your home is in a shady spot or there are sources of standing water, then you are likely at a higher risk for a pest invasion. To seek shelter, insects prefer to choose moist and green places. Its advised to fix the pipe leaks and moisture issues to prevent pests.
  2. Garbage: The foul odor emitted by garbage cans is something that attracts insects the most. The smell of leftover food, drink cans, and rotten vegetables is liked by flies, ants, roaches, rats, and mice. After you clear up your yard for leftover food spills, don’t forget to dispose off the entire garbage away from a property. Try to cover the garbage cans with a lid to prevent buzzing bees infestation.
  3. Clutter: Alike a shabby home, cluttered yard and interiors are the major reason behind pest infestation. If you aren’t serious about the spring cleanup, then you are likely to fall victim to several insects that are responsible for ruining the peace of mind and hygiene of a family. It’s important to get rid of excess junk including fallen fruits and dried leaves.
  4. Holes: Pests are very opportunistic i.e. they’ll never leave a chance of entering your property. If your home is easy to access and have several entry points such as holes, fences & cracks, you are at a higher risk for an insect invasion. Since pests are tiny, they can ideally squeeze through any wall hole. Consider eliminating all the unwanted entry points on your property to prevent their outbreak.

These are some of the common reasons why pests are attracted towards your property. If you are suffering a severe rat or ant infestation inside your property, feel free to contact our pest exterminators at 911 Pest for long term pest control service.

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