Moths In Wardrobes? Know 5 Useful Tips To Get Rid Of Them

In winters, our wardrobes are central heating accommodation for Moths. Generally, these are tiny brown silvery insects that enter the home in the search of warm place. They like to resist in dark places where they can easily lay their eggs. The presence of Moths in wardrobes can’t be ignored as they can create a moth-made hole in your favorite dress. It is a problem for the homeowners to protect their warm clothes in cold times. To resolve this issue, one can go with the professional pest management who can provide you an instant solution.


To manage Moths, one can follow some useful tips that are mentioned below:

  1. Clean Wardrobe Thoroughly: Moths are unwanted creatures who love to reside in dark and warm areas along with dirty fabrics. One can reduce their entry by cleaning closets deeply. On every single day, one must remove all essentials from the wardrobe and clean the corners and drawers with detergent soaked cloth to remove Moth larvae.
  2. Wash & Vacuum Your Clothes: Sometimes, these moths leave their eggs in your warm clothes. It is necessary to clean or vacuum your clothes once in a week. One can also take his clothes to dry cleaners before storing them back to wardrobes. Along with clothes, it’s good to vacuum each corner of the wardrobe.
  3. Use Chemical Repellents: The repellent product like Mothballs plays a great role in killing these species. These balls transfer their strong emitting smell into the clothes which are helpful in eliminating the Moths.
  4. Buy Good Quality Hangers: One must buy Cedarwood hangers which are helpful in keeping the Moths away from the shoulders of your dresses. You must avoid storing your clothes in plastic hanging bags as these plastic bags attracts dust and dust give rise to Moths.
  5. Maintain Well-Ventilated Room: In order to keep Moths away from your cupboards, always keep your room well-ventilated. Due to an appropriate temperature, it fills wardrobes with natural oil diffuser all the times.

One must monitor his clothes and look for the holes to check the availability of Moths. For the proper Moth inspection, you can also go with our professional pest control team at 911Pest.

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