How to Get Rid of Stinky House Ants?

Have you ever experienced a stinky odor inside your kitchen? If yes, there might be an ant infestation around you. There are various categories of ants that invade a home in search of food. House ants are very tiny insects that emit a rotten coconut like odor which often compel homeowners to deter these pesky pests away from their property. Odorous ants infest a home during the rainy season as their ground holes get flooded with rainwater. Since pests are greatly responsible for ruining the health & hygiene of a home, it’s advised to call an expert pest removal company for effective ant extermination.


Some ways to control odorous house ant population are:

  1. Trim down the trees and shrubs inside your property to resist the entry of ants. These pests crawl over the trees to crawl higher spaces such as attics and rooftops. Through window crevices, they tend to enter inside a home.
  2. Since insects are attracted towards food sources, it’s advised to keep all the food items covered in an air tight container or with a lid. Keep the kitchen clean and hygienic by washing away the utensils and wiping off the countertops each time the food is prepared.
  3. Most of the times, people just ignore to wash the pet food bowls. This ignorance can risk the health of your four legged companion as ants may climb over their food bowl to contaminate the food. It’s always advised to wash of the pet bowls as soon as the pets eat away their food.

How to Get Rid of Ants?

  • Baits: One of the ideal ways to remove ants is using baits that consist of insecticides which are harmful on insects. Ant baits are widely available at garden stores. Place them at the spots that are generally visited by ants. Make sure your pet won’t eat them as they might turn out to be poisonous for them. Most possibly the ants will feed on the bait and will carry them towards their colony to feed their larva and queen. This will help in getting rid of entire ant colony.
  • Indoor Sprays: Sprays are an effective method of killing ants that are noticed moving inside a property. These ants are generally worker ants and by destroying them, one can easily deter away their colony. Since sprays consist of harmful chemicals, use them as least as possible.

These are few ways in which a homeowner can control and prevent odorous ant infestation inside a property. If you are looking for reliable pest exterminators in Kitchener, 911 Pest is here to assist you.

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