Skunk Spray: What Makes Skunks Smell So Bad

Skunk smell is often compared to the tear gas because these both smell has a chemical substance that irritates the eyes of humans. As a result, you feel redness, tears, mucus production, and it can even cause nausea. If you don’t take an immediate action it can last for days.

Everything You Need To Know About Raccoons

The raccoons look so cute, but they are the carrier of diseases. This is why it is essential to keep them away from your home. The Raccoon is not tiny in size that can hide anywhere in your home. In fact, they may weigh from 10 to 30 pounds and have two to three feet long tail, blackened areas around the eyes which make people easy to identify them.

How To Tell My Yard Has Skunk Infestation

Skunks plunder through your premises searching for food, water and shelter. Because they carry rabies and transmit diseases to pets and humans, it is necessary to keep your home skunk-free. Moreover, the skunk infestation can result in delivering severe damage to your property.

What To Do On Seeing The Hornet Nest?

Hornets, quite similar to wasp and yellow jackets which can become a big threat when get disturbed. The creatures like hornets have a tendency to build nests near the places where we likely to spend more time. Either, it is a single flying insect or a huge colony of hornets, the crucial step is to find out the timely solution. Dealing with yellow jackets needs a careful strategy as it’s sting is risky and one can also face a severe allergic reaction. One just need a support of professional exterminator to have a safe outcome.

4 Popular Pests That Are known As World Travelers

Pests are excellent at traveling which is one of the biggest concerns for the travelers. It is reported that hotel is the most likely place that gives shelter to a number of pests. When these pests start spreading from one place to another, there are highest possibilities of spreading severe diseases in humans. They are kind of hitchhikers that are transferred to home through clothes, bags and even luggage. It’s necessary to control the pest infestation as soon as possible with the help of professional exterminator.

4 Signs That Show Your Home Has Been Infested By Fleas

When we bring pets to our home, our living space become a welcoming part for a number of fleas. Fleas are the most annoying creatures which not only cause problems to you but with the pets too. These flying creatures love to reside inside hairy animals like your dogs.

Moths In Wardrobes? Know 5 Useful Tips To Get Rid Of Them

In winters, our wardrobes are central heating accommodation for Moths. Generally, these are tiny brown silvery insects that enter the home in the search of warm place. They like to resist in dark places where they can easily lay their eggs. The presence of Moths in wardrobes can’t be ignored as they can create a moth-made hole in your favorite dress.

Top 4 Reasons Why Pests Invade Your Home

Having pests in your home is an open invitation to troubles. These pesky creatures can greatly ruin the health, hygiene, and comfort of a family. There are several reasons that compel pests to invade your property. Of all, a cluttered yard is the foremost area of concern which needs to be dealt with a prior response.

How to Get Rid of Stinky House Ants?

Have you ever experienced a stinky odor inside your kitchen? If yes, there might be an ant infestation around you. There are various categories of ants that invade a home in search of food.