How To Tell My Yard Has Skunk Infestation

Skunk InfestationSkunks plunder through your premises searching for food, water and shelter. Because they carry rabies and transmit diseases to pets and humans, it is necessary to keep your home skunk-free. Moreover, the skunk infestation can result in delivering severe damage to your property.

In a nutshell, the skunks are dangerous, and they should be kept away from your premises. Here are the signs to confirm that your home is skunks infested so that you can take immediate action to remove them.

Signs For Skunk Invasion

  • Unpleasant OdorSkunk spray can spread a decent distance from where they occur. In case, the smell happens more than once within a short period, then you should consider prevention measures.
  • DroppingsSkunk droppings look like to that of a cat’s, but the difference is their droppings contain undigested foods like feathers, insects, seeds or berries.
  • Ground DepressionsSkunk dig up four-inch to half-moon shaped depressions into the grounds while searching for food. In addition to this, they can damage the sod on lawns.
  • Visual Appearance Seeing a skunk is a visible sign of skunk infestation. They are not the tiny pests that can hide in small places. You can easily find them in your garden.

On noticing the signs mentioned above, immediately call us at 911 Pest to get wildlife removal services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge. We ensure to use safe-for-humans and eco-friendly wildlife control products for skunk removal. Call us to request a free quote today.

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