Skunk Spray


Skunk smell is often compared to the tear gas because these both smell has a chemical substance that irritates the eyes of humans. As a result, you feel redness, tears, mucus production, and it can even cause nausea. If you don’t take an immediate action it can last for days.




How Skunk Use Their Smell
Skunks need not go around to find people and spray on them. They are nocturnal and tend to avoid other animals and humans. The skunk can sense the danger, and to protect themselves, they discharge yellow, an oily spray from their anal glands. This spray can reach up to over three feet and vaporizes quickly.

Why The Skunks Smell So Bad
Because their spray contains sulphur-based organic compounds that are called thiols, these compounds release an immediate blast of acrid scent. On the other hand, the skunk spray contains thioacetates that remain dormant at first. But it may morph into smell producing thiols when contact with humidity or water. I can stay for longer.

Getting Rid Of Skunk
The skunk smell is an indication that your lawn has skunk infestation. This can be dangerous to handle on your own. So, it is advisable to hire wildlife specialists at 911 Pest. We are here to helping you get rid of the pests on time using safe tools and techniques. We also make sure that the pest or wild animals could not come back. Call us to request a free quote.