4 Signs That Show Your Home Has Been Infested By Fleas

4 Signs That Show Your Home Has Been Infested By FleasWhen we bring pets to our home, our living space become a welcoming part for a number of fleas. Fleas are the most annoying creatures which not only cause problems to you but with the pets too. These flying creatures love to reside inside hairy animals like your dogs. Presence of the fleas is a big concern in a home due to their severe bites. Although these stings are not painful but can result into itchy problem and major allergies. In order to control this infestation, a local exterminator can better understand the problem of flea infestation and ensure you with the target treatment to get rid of them.


You must aware of some signs of a flea infestation which must be detected early:

  1. When Your Pet Start Scratching: Fleas love to suck blood and if your pet is constantly scratching himself, then there might be fleas in a home. A flea bite can cause a severe allergy around the dog’s head which can cause a severe infection in skin.
  2. When Your Pet Start Losing Hair: A flea bite can also cause a hair loss with a major reaction. Due to intense scratching and licking on the flea bite areas, dogs pull out their hairs and lose them. One must give great attention to this problem and call a professional pest control expert to get rid of the fleas.
  3. When You Get The Presence Of Flea Dirt: One can also judge the presence of fleas by examining its droppings which appear in the form of black, brown and red specks. If you find any kind of dirt, then must consider flea control options.
  4. When There Are Small Bite Marks On Skin: If you find any kind of red bumps on your skin, then there is high chance of having a flea infestation in home. You must give focus to this problem and solve it with some preventive measure.

Once you determine you are having fleas in the home, then must look for a pest control professional. For an effective flea infestation treatment, you can hire our experts at 911 Pest.

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