How To Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels may appear cute and harmless, but once they get shelter inside your home, they can be a complete chaos. Squirrels are generally found in the attics and gain access from gaps around your roofline or even through vents and chimneys. Apart from being noisy, squirrels can also wreak havoc on your property as they gnaw on just anything. They can chew on wires, that can lead to power outage and also contaminate the areas with their fur, urine and droppings. This way they also allow other pests and rodents to get entry into your home through the holes created by them.

Here are some simple yet effective tips to prevent squirrels from entering your home:

Seal Your Attic

Since squirrels can chew on anything from roofing materials like wood or shingles and also fit even the small openings to gain access to your attic, it is essential to seal the attic properly. If you find any gaps or holes, make sure you seal off the cracks and crevices by using good quality sealants.

Set Traps

If you are planning to seal the gaps, make sure there are no squirrels. As sealing can trap them inside your attic where they can die or cause more damage to the property by chewing their way out. To prevent such thing from happening, you need to trap the squirrels. Trapping should be done by experienced wildlife professionals. They have the tools and techniques to complete the job in a safe manner. Once the squirrels are caught, they can be easily moved outside of your home, far away so that they don’t come back.

Trim Trees

Keeping trees trimmed will prevent squirrels from getting entry through your attic. Squirrels use tree limbs as a direct route to get into your roof. So, it is ideal to cut off these access points to prevent their main source of entry.

Call an Exterminator that Specializes in Squirrel Control

In order to get rid of the squirrels, you may need professional help. It’s equally as essential to trap and remove the squirrels as it is to prevent them from returning. Our squirrel control professionals know how to find, trap and remove the squirrels from your property safely. We also recommend various preventative methods to prevent any kind of infestation in the future.

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