5 Easy Ways to Bug Proof Your Home

Are you living with bugs inside your home? If you are looking to bug proof your property, then truth is quite surprising. Believe it or not, there is no way to prevent these insects from invading a premise. These small pests can ideally find their way to gain entry through windows, doors and other cracks.

Though you can eliminate or exterminate them, preventing these tiny insects is somehow difficult. A little of maintenance and housekeeping can greatly help in reducing the chances of getting a pest infestation. When trying to bug proof your home, avoid insects and spiders from entering inside your home interiors.

Some tips to prevent bugs from invading your home are:

  1. Install screens on doors & windows: Damaged doors and windows are the elements that can be held responsible for bug infestation. Insects can make use of the broken window glasses and damaged door corners to enter inside. To prevent them, install fine mesh door screens and glasses to inhibit the entrance of even the tiniest insect.
  2. Seal around the doors: Door gaps that allow the air and light to pass through, can also let the bugs inside. Its advised to install tight fitting thresholds and door sweeps on the bottom of the residential doors to avoid crawling of insects from beneath the door. Also, use door seals to fill any installation gaps.
  3. Seal the wall cracks: The structure of a home that is built around 5 years ago starts emitting the repair signs, including wall and floor cracks. Any such crack situated on the exterior walls can serve as a welcome gateway to insects. Seal it immediately using a tube of caulk.
  4. Eliminate moisture: Most insects species live in arid environments and require a humid atmosphere to survive. Any source of moisture or leakage inside or outside your home can attract them. To avoid their infestation, fix the plumbing and gutter leaks on the roofs and basements.
  5. Clean the kitchen: Most of us know that pests are attracted towards food and water sources. They’ll surely invade a home that has a cluttered yard and unclean kitchen. All you can do to keep them away is clean your kitchen and yard daily. Wipe up the food crumbs, vacuum the floor, and empty out the garbage bins right away.

These are the few ways in which you can prevent the bugs from invading your property. If you are in need of a professional pest control company to remove insects in you yard, feel free to consult our pest exterminators at 911 Pests.

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