Top Five Places Where Bed Bugs Love To Hide

Top Five Places Where Bed Bugs Love To HideDo you notice blood eating parasites in your house? Are you finding dozens of bites on your body that look like mosquito bites? It means you may have a bed bug infestation. Bed bug bites are usually the first sign of having these pests in your house.

The best way to know whether you really have these itchy pests in your house or not is to check for telltale signs of these blood eating pests. These tiny flat dark insects can infest your house. They are very smart traveler and they traveler from one place to another through your luggage. Once they come into your house, they have no intention of ever leaving you alone. In such situation, you want to get rid of this problem. If you really want to eliminate them from your house, first you need to brush up on your bed bug knowledge. As per pest control professionals in Kitchener, these pests prefer dark places to hide during the day and reside close to where people sleep. Here is a list of top places where you can see them easily.

  1. Mattresses: This is the foremost place where you can easily see blood sucking insects. They like to hide in mattresses, because they can easily feed on you while you are sleeping. When bed bugs crawl out of hiding to feed on you, they will sometimes leave blood stains on pillow covers and bed sheet when they travel on the bed. If you have doubts that your house has been invaded by these blood sucking parasites, you need to look these signs first.
  2. Suitcases: It means they can come into your home by you or someone else. As it is already mentioned that they are very smart traveler. So, if you have been on a trip in the last few months with your friends or family members, it is possible that you are going to find signs of these itchy pests inside your suitcase. You can use a flashlight to address them.
  3. Couches and chairs: Most of the people spend their lot of time on their couches while watching television. There is not a possibility that they are in close proximity to you, but these kinds of upholstered furniture make a great place to live.
  4. Baseboards and carpet edges: Corners and crannies are bed bug’s favorite places to hide. Baseboards have lots of little gaps and holes in them where they meet the wall and the carpet. You can easily find bed bug infestations here.
  5. Clothing: It is not a very common, but when you come out from a trip there are clear chances that you have bed bugs in your clothes. Before storing your clothes in the wardrobe, make sure you wash and dry them at the highest temperature. It will remove them from your clothing permanently.

When you find bed bugs in your house, don’t take it lightly or don’t take matters into your own hands. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate. Trust a reliable pest control company like 911 Pest for top notch pest control services.

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