Skunk Spray: What Makes Skunks Smell So Bad

Skunk smell is often compared to the tear gas because these both smell has a chemical substance that irritates the eyes of humans. As a result, you feel redness, tears, mucus production, and it can even cause nausea. If you don’t take an immediate action it can last for days.

Everything You Need To Know About Raccoons

The raccoons look so cute, but they are the carrier of diseases. This is why it is essential to keep them away from your home. The Raccoon is not tiny in size that can hide anywhere in your home. In fact, they may weigh from 10 to 30 pounds and have two to three feet long tail, blackened areas around the eyes which make people easy to identify them.

How To Tell My Yard Has Skunk Infestation

Skunks plunder through your premises searching for food, water and shelter. Because they carry rabies and transmit diseases to pets and humans, it is necessary to keep your home skunk-free. Moreover, the skunk infestation can result in delivering severe damage to your property.